FHLove "Faith.Hope.Love" 1 Cor 13:13
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Our Story

FHLove Christian Apparel

          Something Good Is About To Happen!

One Day, two sisters in Christ received the calling from God. "Something Good Is About To Happen".   Both of them work full time with small children.  They did not believe that they can make this to happen.  Sister K had no art or design background or interests in them. God inspired Sister K to design "The Keys of the Heaven".  However, she did not know anything about business.   With God's guidance, steps by steps , as He has prepared the Way.  He sent the army (Sister I, Little Miss Sunshine, and many sisters' prayers) to help starting this Kingdom business. Sister I and Sister K really saw "it is happening"~ Now sister I and K have become sisters in Christ, very good friends and great business partners! 

We pray that our apparel will plant seeds to wherever they're seen by others.  We pray that all the T-shirts will create opportunities for you to share Jesus' love to anyone who has not experienced Him. We pray that every single person who wears FHL"Faith.Hope.Love" Apparel will receive the LOVE from God.  That's the reason why we sealed every T-shirt with Love and Prayers.                   


"Giving Back"
FHLove is committing to donate 10% of our net income annually to the work of the nonprofits Kingdom business.


We would love to hear your story and testimony with our T-shirts.  Please email us with your story: info@FHLove.us